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4 Tips for First Time Rafters in Ohiopyle State Park

First Time Rafters in Ohiopyle State Park

#1. Dress for the weather

Be sure to check the weather forecast for the day of your trip. Warm sunny days are great for bathing suites and light athletic style clothing. Footwear such as water shoes & sandals(with a strap or back) are perfect. Heck even old tennis shoes with get the job done. For chilly weather, do not wear cotton which has a tendency to get wet and stay wet. This will leave you cold throughout the trip.  Layering athletic style clothing helps keep the warmth in. Some days may even require heavier layering. You can bring your own wetsuit or rent one from us. Splash jackets are also available to help stay dry. Items to avoid – boots, jeans, flip flops, tight restrictive clothing.

#2. Don’t over pack

Be prepared to lose anything that you bring. This includes cameras, jewelry, sentimental items, sunglasses(unless you have a retainer system).


#3. Paddle together

It is much more effective and efficient to paddle together as a team like a viking warship. Paddling skills will be practiced on water before heading down the river.

#4. Hydrate

It is important for any physical activity that you are properly hydrated. It may be hard to notice as you are getting constantly splashed through rapid sections, but it is very easy to get dehydrated while on the river.

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