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Equipment Rentals


Calm on the Yough

Calm on the Yough

Whenever anybody thinks of white water, the first thing they think of is a raft. The Raft has been a white water mainstay every since the beginning. The Rafts here at White Water Adventurers are all self bailing rafts, unlike rafts you may get at other outfitters. What this means is you and your friends can spend more time enjoying the beautiful Yough River Gorge and less time pouring water out of your boat.

New for 2017! Reserve your equipment rental online!

15% off EarlyBirds
It’s never too soon to schedule your summer rafting trip. Reserve and pay for your rafting trip by February 28, 2017 and receive 15% off. Simply click through the “Book Online Now” button, and enter “EB15” at check out.

Other Ways to Save!

Mar 12, 2017 is National Girl Scout Day. Schedule your group rafting for the Middle Yough, Lower Yough or Upper Yough on this day and receive 20% off. Use code “GSD” at checkout.

Mar 24, 2017 is National Red Nose Day. Raft on the Middle or Lower Yough for this “ice-breaker” trip on Mar 24, 2017 and receive 15% off. Use code “RND” at checkout.

April 8, 2017 is National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day. We have the best playground around. Raft on the Middle or Lower Yough on Sat 4/8/17 and receive 15% off. Use code “PTTP” at checkout.

April 22, 2017 is National Earth Day. Get out and celebrate our beautiful planet. Raft on the Middle, Lower, or Upper Yough on this day and receive 15% off. Use code “NED” at checkout.

April 26, 2017 is National Administrative Professionals Day. The best gift is a day off to go rafting! Raft on the Middle or Lower Yough on this day and receive 20% off. Use code “PAEAA” at checkout.

May 4, 2017 is National Renewal Day. Rafting is a great way to forget your worries and recharge those batteries. Raft on the Middle or Lower Yough on 5/4/17 and receive 15% off. Use code “NRD” at checkout.

May 19, 2017 is National Bike to Work Day. Bike back from the end of the Lower Yough rafting trip on this day for FREE plus get 15% off. Use code “BTW” at checkout.

May 31, 2017 is National Senior Health & Fitness Day. Rafting is a great upper body workout and is sure to get your heart pumping. Raft on the Middle or Lower Yough on 5/31/17 and receive 15% off. Use code “SHFD” at check-out.

Our rafts are 4 and 6 person. If you would like to reserve a raft, please call us at 1-800-WWA-RAFT or reserve online now.




Braving the Yough

Braving the Yough

Cruise the river in style in a P.P.B. ! They go by many names, including shredder and personal paddle boat, however what you call it, it delivers the same thing each and every time, an incredible ride down the river for you and a friend. P.P.B.’s are extremely maneuverable. They are designed with two large pontoons on the outside with two smaller ones connecting the outside pontoons. The middle of the P.P.B. is raised off the water and is self bailing.

P.P.B.’s are for two people only. If you would like to rent a P.P.B. for the Middle Youghiogheny, please call us right away at 1-800-WWA-RAFT.



Inflatable Kayaks

Little girl in Duckie

Little girl in Duckie

So, you’re looking for a challenge on the Middle Yough? Well, we have the perfect idea for you. Rent an Inflatable kayak from White Water Adventurers. Inflatable kayaks provide kayak-like performance, but are much more stable then a real kayak. This means that you can get to know the river up close and personal without being a great kayaker. All of our inflatable kayaks are very maneuverable and fast. They are all self bailing.

Inflatable kayaks are great when you and a group of friends are coming rafting down the Yough. A huge advantage is that you and only you are in control of your boat. You can get as wet as you like. We also rent two-person inflatable kayaks. This are designed with one person sitting behind the other.



Raft Rental Procedures for the Lower Yough

Reserve your launch permit (1-888-727-2757) or online at www.reserveworld.com. Registered launch times ($4.00/person) are required for weekends and holidays.

Arrive at our office at least 90 minutes prior to registered launch time. Run your shuttle (2 vehicles suggested). Receive your equipment (a $30.00/craft security deposit and a valid drivers license is required).

Buy shuttle tokens from Ohiopyle State Park at launch area ($5.00/person). Have fun.

Note: You are responsible for returning all rental equipment back to White Water Rentals, Inc. in Ohiopyle. The Ohiopyle State Park shuttle does not go to Ohiopyle!



Raft Rental Procedures for the Middle Yough

When renting equipment for the Middle Yough, a launch permit is not required. This is the opposite of the Lower Yough, where a launch permit is required.

On the day of your trip, arrive at White Water Adventurers’ office 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. This will allow you enough time to obtain a PFD. If you have any items you are taking with you, coolers, fishing equipment, etc, please have that with you and ready to go.

From there, a member of our rental staff will load your equipment onto the equipment truck for you and transport it to the Middle Yough put-in, roughly 10 miles away in Confluence Pennsylvania. You will ride the distance in a bus provided by White Water Adventurers. After arriving at the Middle Yough put-in the staff will give you a quick talk-up about white water safety. You will then proceed down the river at your own pace.

After traveling 10 miles down the Middle Yough you will arrive back in Ohiopyle. You will notice large signs on the river-left informing you of the Middle Yough take-out. This is where you will exit the river. A rental staff member will help you bring your equipment ashore. You will then walk the two blocks back to our offices.



Raft Rental Cancellation Policy

Please note that when you make a reservation, we forfeit the right to sell your spaces to others. A refund or reschedule may only be made if we are notified at least two weeks (14 days) prior to your trip date. Cancellations or reschedules before 14 days prior will be charged 10% of total fee due (not of the total being cancelled).

Reservations made or paid less than 14 days prior to trip date are non refundable, once payment is received.

We regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies, late arrivals or inclement weather. You are allowed to find replacements for yourself and/or group. Please consider short term low cost trip insurance which will protect you if you need to cancel due to medical illness or emergency.


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